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West Caister Block Paving

We’re thrilled to share with you one of our recently completed transformations. Starting from an outdated and tired layout, our team worked tirelessly for five weeks and three days to craft an entirely new look and feel for this property. The goal was not just to update, but to enhance the home’s living space and provide our clients with something truly special.

On the exterior, we began with a 292 sqm patchwork of buff paving, highlighted by a distinguished double charcoal border. This was meticulously laid over a sturdy 50mm sharp sand bed, supported by a resilient 100-150mm hardcore sub-base. We wanted to ensure that this patio would not just look impressive, but withstand the test of time.

For greenery, we laid 156sqm of top-quality turf over 200-250mm of clean topsoil, ensuring a vibrant, lush carpet of grass for our clients to enjoy. Creating a tranquil oasis where they can relax or let their children run free was our prime objective.

Separating the patio and garden, we built an intricate 49m retaining wall with a 13inch thickness. We chose a warm red brick for the body of the wall, fortified by a strong blue engineering brick to give it a unique 10m radius. It transitions smoothly from the patio level down to the main road, peaking at a height of 1.3m roadside.

We didn’t stop there, a neat internal wall was constructed to separate the shrubs from the turf, providing a neat, organized appearance to the garden.

For practicality, we installed a soakaway system that allows the homeowner to efficiently clean their swimming pool. It’s these little touches that make a world of difference to the overall enjoyment of the space.

One of the key transformations was turning the rear garden into additional parking space, accommodating 2-3 cars comfortably. This enabled us to redesign the front area into a more generous patio space. The outcome was dramatic; our clients now have a garden that’s four times its original size and a driveway spacious enough to host 6-10 cars.

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