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Our story

It all started back when I finished high school and really had no idea what to do for a career. One weekend my dad told me that as of Monday I was going to be working with him and his boss.  I was both extremely excited and nervous at the same time, working long days and doing physical work for 9 hours a day, I soon fell I love with this type of work, Every day was different and I was learning so much. Seventeen years on and the world was hit with Covid 19, I was one of the many to be made redundant. 

From that moment I knew I really wanted to run my own groundworks business. Having learned crucial skills from my highly skilled collegues, not least my own dad, Limitless Groundworks Ltd was born. I couldn’t be more proud as we are now a skilled team of five people that share the same desire and passion for top quality groundworks.


Weeds can be a major concern when it comes to concrete pavers. However, an experienced Maryland patio contractor will fill the gaps between the pavers with polymeric sand. Unlike the regular sand, polymeric sand hardens and bonds to surrounding surfaces, making it much more difficult for weeds to come through. It may need to be reapplied in a few years, but it should last a while.

It depends on what kind of patio you have. Poured concrete patios require sealing every 2-3 years. Natural stone patios may also need to be sealed periodically, depending on the type of stone used. Concrete paver patios, on the other hand, are made to last a long time without any sealants. Sealing a paver patio is optional and can help keep the stains from penetrating into the surface. However, a sealant may also create a slippery surface. You should talk to your Maryland patio contractor first to learn about all the pros and cons of sealing in your particular case.

You certainly can! But you have to carefully select the right pavers and hire a professional to perform the installation. Your driveway will require special preparation of the base material to ensure that it lasts a long time even under heavy use. Although you could cover your driveway with the regular pavers, consider using the permeable ones to better manage surface water runoff.

Upon our initial consultation and visit, we will likely tell you the timescale. However, to give a guide, a standard sized driveway on a semi-detached home will take 3-4 days.


Ross B
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Just wanted to say a massive thanks to Limitless Groundworks LTD for the resin work they carried out for us this week. Our patio was breaking up after a dodgy contractor laid the slabs. Daniel Barraclough came round and said no problem. He went above and beyond and we’re now back in love with our garden again. There’s so many untrustworthy tradies out there but I can’t recommend these guys enough!!

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