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Resin Driveway in Kings Lynn

Our Work

We are thrilled to share the story of one of our most rewarding projects recently undertaken in Kings Lynn PE30. This was a project that highlighted our team’s expertise, dedication, and passion for delivering top-notch driveway solutions.

Our task was to design and lay a resin-bound driveway, a popular choice for homeowners seeking a durable and attractive driveway solution. We covered a total area of 77 square meters with Springtime resin, a material known for its robustness and aesthetic appeal.

The entire installation was laid on a sturdy 60mm permeable asphalt base. This permeability allows for effective water drainage, preventing puddles and reducing the risk of slipping, especially in wet weather. We wish to extend our gratitude to Steve and his team at Frontline Surfacing Ltd for their invaluable contribution to this project.

It’s important to note that all materials used in our resin driveways are permeable products. We prioritize this in our design to promote sustainability and ensure compliance with local regulations.

The result of our collective effort was a complete transformation of the old driveway. What was once a tired, outdated, and restricted driveway was replaced by a fresh, bright, and spectacular one. The new driveway not only elevated the aesthetic appeal of the property but also improved its functionality. The transformation was so profound that we received numerous compliments from local neighbors, a testament to the team’s excellent work.

Choosing this company for our driveway project was one of the best decisions we've made. The level of professionalism they exhibited was second to none. Their team worked diligently and efficiently, transforming our outdated driveway into something truly beautiful. The quality of their work is exceptional, and their commitment to using permeable materials shows their respect for the environment. We've received so many compliments from our neighbours and couldn't be happier with the results. We highly recommend this company for any driveway transformations!

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