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Lackford Project

Our team worked in the IP28 area with large countryside views, are project contains a few areas in which we needed to perform an extreme transformation from neglected and overgrown to practical and useful.

What We Did


Road construction… this private road construction is 3.3m wide and 185m long.. firstly, we stripped the turf and topsoil off and laid turam to prevent further weeds from coming through. 150 mm of crushed concrete was laid and compacted in 2X 75mm layers. For the edging, we have used limestone setts in charcoal 100mm X 100mm a very nice natural stone.. all laid on a 4-1 wet mix of 10mm ballast and cement and applying a prime liquid compound to help with staying in position.

Barn works… First, we stalled a 22-create Soakaway laid on 100mm 20mm stone and wrapped in more 20mm stone 150mm around and on top. The barn finally has down pipe outlets first time in a very long time… inside the the barn, we cleared all waste and everything else that had outstayed its welcome.. breaking down walls and adding concrete to raise the floor.

Concrete pad… the size of the concrete pad is 10.6m X 29m at its longest length.. construction is built and the base is as follows 250mm of compacted crushed concrete in layers of 100m.. we have 6X5 bullnose curbs as our edge with aco drains collect excess water from the pads.. the bays were set out to 3.2m section, the concrete we have used is a c25 mix at 150mm thick with A142 steal mesh finished with a bullnose edge against each expansion joints and a 4inch steal float edge and brush effort finish

Path and road leading to and around tennis court… this has the same construction build up and continuing with the limestone setts. The path we have is 1.3m wide and 80m in length. We have also tried continuing as much follow with these setts as possible with curved corners. Only squared when it looks better than curved…which is impressing our client.

The real credit goes out to my team for this project making great progress with these setts having something so time-consuming and important we have managed to smash out over 500 linear meters and we have laid and compacted over 200 tons of crushed concrete, we have also laid over 180m of 32mm water pipe which we dug from the house to barn and played over 200m electric duck to supply power to the barn and street light we have been installed beside the road.

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